In order to avoid unwanted injuries from running, then you will have to treat your body well and right. The stress put on your body from running is great and most of it is felt on your feet that is why most of the runners have feet that are not really attractive to look at or malformed, compared to other types of athletes. So whether you have been running or doing the sport for a long time now or just planning to start, your feet will need serious protection and investing in the best running socks are a good start in providing them the protection you and your feet need.

Now to address the question on what difference does it make if I choose to use a cheap sock rather than buying a twenty-dollar sock? Comfort is really the basic answer to that. When you run far distances, the tendency is that rubbing and abrasion will occur on your feet and add up overtime and that may cause blisters, torn skin or worse. The thing about running is that when you are used to running great distances, when you are not using the proper socks, then you will not notice that you already have blisters or torn skin if you do not stop and remove your shoes and socks. Contrary to the popular belief that it is all about the quality of your running shoe, the quality of your running athletic socks is also a factor, in your performance and comfort, because even the most expensive shoes, when used together with the wrong kind of socks will still cause you discomfort or injuries. Running socks are specially made and designed for running as they are form-fitting and most of them are foot specific – meaning that there is a sock for the left foot and there is a sock for the right one and they are not interchangeable. Running socks also have paddings in areas that would most likely need more cushioning for protection, and they have this special feature which is popularly known as “controlling the shoes’ climate” and what that means is that they have the feature to keep your feet cooler than any other normal sock and keep your feet dry as you run great distances.

Running socks can vary from one person’s need to another. Some socks are made for marathoners, which are designed to keep your feet comfortable from all the running, and some are made for moisture control, thus making it thinner and some are vice versa. All you need to do is know what you need and what are you going to use it for, in order to fully take advantage of the features of the socks.


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